Workers of Ahmadabad Railway block railway line in Rafsanjan, Iran

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The railway workers of Ahmedabad, in Rafsanjan, Iran, blocked the railway line on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, in protest to their salary payment delays.

The workers of Rafsanjan’s Ahmadabadrailroad held banners and posters that read:
– We are hungry
– Our tables don’t have bread
– We do not have job security

At the same time as the call by the Coordination Council of Workers and Staff for maintaining the railway line for protests, since Friday, July 20th, workers from Sirjan, Khorasan, Bandar-Torkman, Sarakhs, Shahrud, Damghan, and Semnan also joined the railway workers’ protests.

Previously, workers from the railroad stations of Neyshapur, Sabzevar, Kashmar, Attar, Zanjan, Hormozgan (Sirjan), Islamshahr (Tehran), Karaj, Lorestan, Azerbaijan, Zagros, Ahmadabad, and Abumoselem stations had staged protests.

The protesters working in the railways technical sections across Iran are demanding two to three months of salary payments and job security after the strike ends.

Workers say that the factor behind the intensification of the trade union protests was the neglect of the employers of contracting companies to pay the workers’ salaries and demands. According to them, officials and other stakeholders are silent instead of rationalizing a solution to end the strike, and some are threatening to dismiss, creating protests among workers.

According to the workers of the technical building lines, some of the employer’s elements, on the first days of the strike, identified some protesting workers with the intention of retribution to the perpetration of the riots and the leadership of the protesters, but this did not happen with the support of other workers.

The workers have stated that the disregard of political officials and work departments, especially the high ranking officers of the railways, in the situation of the workers of the technical building lines and other workers in other parts of the country’s railways, such as the hosts, who have many trade problems with contractors, has caused disappointment and a sense of failure among the protesting railway workers.

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