Workers at Tarrier Company in Zarand, Iran block road in protest of wage arrears

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The workers of Tarrier Company in Zarand, Iran blocked the road on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, in protest to the expulsion of 110 workers and the failure to pay their 4 months’ salary.

Tarrier Construction, Road Building and Mining Company was established in 1991 with the goal of rendering activity in different fields of excavation, chipsealing, road building, bridge construction, etc. Currently, mines and lands of Darrehzar, Sarcheshmeh, Sirjan, Golgohar and Jalalabad of Zarand observe the activities of construction groups and machinery of this company.

About one hundred workers of the Tarrier construction company, located in Zarand, Kerman province of Iran, by parking light and heavy vehicles along the road, stopped traffic and blocked the road completely.

Workers at Tarrier Company in Zarand then gathered in the area and demanded the payment of their wages and the return of the workers who were dismissed.

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