Sugar beet growers gather in protest at Naqadeh’s Sugar Factory office in West Azerbaijan, Iran

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Sugar beet growers gathered at the Naqadeh Sugar Factory office on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, in protest to the non-payment of delivered sugar beets.

Dozens of sugar beet growers gathered in the Sugar Factory office and demanded the factory that they pay their delivered products,. The protesting farmers objected the non-payment of the delivery of beet that had been delivered from the fall and winter of 2017.

Sugar beet growers said that because of the delay in paying for their products, due to the depreciation of the value in toman, their value of income has decreased by more than 50%.

Officials at Naqadeh Sugar Factory announced that there is currently no money to pay to Naqadeh farmers.

The reason for the protest gathering of sugar beet growers in Naqadeh is to achieve their rights and demands that they have long been protesting to obtain.

The reasons for delaying the payment of sugar beet farmers’ wages have been stated under several pretexts such as non-sales of sugar, to government late payments, and to increasing sugar imports. These excuses have made sugar beet growers more troubled and desperate.

Conditions such as droughts, expensive agricultural inputs, and product frostbites in recent years have put a lot of farmers in hard situations, and the delay in salary payments has made the conditions for these farmers even more frustrating.

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