Railway workers in Mashhad, Iran continue their strike

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The workers of the Mashhad railway line continued their strike on Wednesday August 8, 2018, in protest against the railway company’s failure to pay four months of their salary and insurance, and prevented the train moving from Sari to Mashhad.

Iran’s technical Travers railway workers, estimated at about 7,000 people, say that the intensification of labor protests has continued since Friday, July 20th, which previously employees from the stations Nishapur, Sabzevar, Kashmar and Attar, and employees of Zanjan Railways Construction lines and Hormozgan (Sirjan) Islamshahr, Tehran, Karaj, Lorestan, Azerbaijan, Zagros, Shahrud, Damghan and Semnan have staged protests and called for payment of their salaries, but there have not been any results.

The protesting workers continued to argue that workers in their community today also demanded their claims, adding that if at least three months of wage arrears paid in full, there is no reason to continue the protest.

On Wednesday, August 8th, the workers of the Mashhad railway line and the northern area of ​​the 4th zone, in response to a call of the Council for the Coordination of Railway Line Workers, continued to strike in protest against the receive four months’ of salary and insurance.

The workers of the Mashhad railway line, which numbered to up to 20 people, were sitting on a railroad rail and preventing the trains from moving.

It is noteworthy that the development and industry contracting company, the Railway Expansion, Travers and Josh Gostar are the contracting companies of the country’s technical rail lines, with at least 7,000 employees working under the responsibility of these companies on the railways throughout Iran.

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