Mehran taxi drivers strike in protest to lack of job security in Ilam, Iran

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Taxi drivers in Mehran went on strike on Thursday, August 9, 2018, in protest to the lack of job security and failure to respond to their demands.

On Thursday, taxi drivers in Mehran stopped working and went on strike as they pointed out the reasons of their protest and strike as, the existence and abundance of too many private passenger cars, the lack of supervision, the lack of a special taxi line, lack of cooperation between traffic police, the lack of material and spiritual support for taxi drivers, and the receipt of various tolls, as the main problems of taxi drivers in Ilam, Iran.

Taxi drivers in cities across Iran have staged protests and strikes similar to the taxi drivers in Mehran, Ilam.

The problems of low fares and expensive spare parts for taxi drivers has been an issue that has caused taxi-drivers to launch protests and stage strikes on several occasions.

Earlier in Zanjan and its subsidiary cities, the launch of the Internet-based Snapp taxi system had provoked opposition and protests among wireless taxi drivers.

On Wednesday, the taxi drivers holding land licences in Borujerd also launched a protest rally against thirteen years of false promises by government agents for land allotment and gathered in front of the City Council.

On August 4th, the taxi drivers from Qarchak city of Varamin in Tehran, Iran set up a protest rally in front of the provincial governorate.

The reason for holding this protest rally by the public relations department of the taxi drivers in the city of Qarchak was that there are three taxi lines in the city of Qarchak, which must be incorporated in accordance with the Ordinance of the Islamic Council of Qarchak, but for some reasons this can not be done. The public relations department in the city of Qarchak added that there is now a line in Javanmard-e-Ghassab and a line in Mohammadabad. The line now at Javanmard-e-Ghassab has 170 taxi-drivers, and there must be under 100 taxi-drivers in order to aggregate the line.

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