Iran’s Sardasht Municipality workers protest against wage arrears

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The workers of the Sardasht Municipality protested on Wednesday August 8, 2018, against wage claims and non-payment of insurance premiums.

The protesting workers said: “We have not paid a few months. Even since 2017, we have not received our New Years bonus and annual benefits and it is unclear when these payments will be paid.”

The workers also object to non-payment of their insurance premiums and said: “We have not been paid our premiums in the past few months. In the year of 2017, our premium has not been fully paid out, so we are having trouble extending our health insurance booklets. When we refer to the social security they do not give us new insurance booklets because the employer has not paid the premium.”

One of these workers, saying that they owe money to all relatives, acquaintances and businessmen for months, said: “Can the officials themselves afford to live through a few months without pay in this situation of high prices, that they expect the workers to endure and wait?”

It should be noted that so far none of the promises of payment has been made, and the concerns and wanderings of workers are still ongoing.

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