Eighteenth day of strike by Iran’s truck drivers in Mashhad, Sabzevar and Nishapur

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The strike by Iran’s truck drivers entered its eighteenth day on Thursday, August 9, 2018, as truck drivers in Mashhad, Sabzevar and Nishapur continued the second round of strikes which started on July 23rd.

Reports indicate that the strike of truck drivers, which began in protest to high costs of spare parts, retirement insurance, high commission fees and other demands, continued on the eighteenth day in some parts of Iran.

According to images published in virtual networks, the strike of truck dirvers has continued in the cities Mashhad, Sabzevar and Nishapur, despite threats by security guards.

The first series of strike began in May 22nd, in protest of the low fares, high commissions, and suspension of premium subsidies, but the strike halted for some time with the Iranian government’s promise to meet the demands of drivers.

Trucks and drivers did not consider the government’s actions, including an increase of 20% in fares as satisfactory, and began their strike again in areas of Iran since July 23rd.

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