Azar Gand Sugar factory farmers block entry to factory in Naqadeh, Iran until their demands are paid

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Farmers of Azar Gand Sugar factory blocked the factory entrance doors in Naqadeh, Iran on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, in protest to the non-payment of their one year wages.

The protest and gathering of farmers in Azar Gand Sugar factory in Naqadeh is due to the non-payment of their wages after about one year of harvesting and delivery of their product to the factory.

On Wednesday, August 8th, a gathering of farmers from the sugar plant was held at the factory site as the farmers closed and blocked the doors of the plant in protest against the non-payment of their claims by the company.

The reason for the protest of farmers in Azar Gand Sugar factory is the lack of clarification of their demands, which has remained unanswered since 2017.

Farmers of Azarqand Naghda Factory carried out their beet harvest in September 2017 and delivered it to the factory. Since then, their payments have not been paid.

It is worth noting that beet is a costly product in Iran. The cost of planting and harvesting is very high. Farmers and sugar beet workers are now in debt.

Farmers are worried and dissatisfied with the current situation, due to the failure to pay the demands of last year and the leading harvest time this year in the month of September. But it seems that the expenses of sugar beet will not be paid this year too.

Farmers always received a prize of 2 pounds free of charge at a government rate between 1,400 and 1,500 tomans and 20 pounds of grist for each tonne of beets they supplied, along with their wages. However, even that was not given to the farmers. The reason for this is the decision of the Economic Council to abolish such bonuses in favor of sugar factories.

Unfortunately, the situation is as if all the factors are in the direction of protecting the interests of the factory and the capitalists. But such support and effort is not made towards the farmers and many other poor strata in Iran.

It is worth noting that in the province of West Azarbaijan, there are only four other sugar factories in Khoy, Miandoab, Orumiyeh and Piranshahr cities.

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